Paid for by the Friends of Liz Forrest

Liz Forrest
Democratic Candidate for
State Representative in the PA 189th District
Serving Monroe and Pike Counties

We would like to congratulate Rep. Rosemary Brown on her victory tonight in the face of an overwhelming win by Tom Wolf. We wish her success in lowering property taxes for the besieged residents of Monroe and lower Pike Counties. It would also be good if she chooses to work with instead of against governor-elect Wolf.

We brought no illusions to this race in terms of it being an uphill battle. No matter how much people clamor for results or change in their government, 93% of all incumbents are reelected.

To all our supporters and friends in Monroe and Pike Counties who worked so hard and were always there when we needed them, our heartfelt thanks to you.

As for me, I happily come back to Pike County where property tax is still affordable. The support that came my way from individuals throughout the old and the new 189th touches me deeply.

Again, congratulations to Rep. Brown and best wishes in her next term.