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Liz Forrest
Democratic Candidate for
State Representative in the PA 189th District
Serving Monroe and Pike Counties

        Stronger Leadership ~
                                                       Smarter Solutions

In 2010, Tom Corbett and Rosemary Brown 
were swept into office on a wave of promises.

  • We were promised reduced or eliminated property taxes!
  • We were promised increased and fairer school funding!
  • We were promised that they alone had a plan to create jobs!
  • We were promised no state tax increase!
So what was delivered?  
  • No property tax reduction or change in school funding formula or anything other than the same tired, failed ideas!
  • Massive cuts to public education at all levels!
  • Consistently high unemployment in Pike and Monroe Counties!
  • PA drops from 3rd to 48th in job creation!
  • Higher state "fees", higher local county taxes in Pike, and slashing of funding for essential services in both counties because of drastic budget cuts in Harrisburg!
Is that working out for you?

If it isn't, join our campaign for better representation in the 189th District.
VOTE to change Harrisburg on November 4!

“Liz Forrest is hard working, she's smart and she cares about people.  I can't think of anyone else that you could rather have than someone with those attributes. And here's one more. She's willing to be held accountable for doing what she has to do.  That to me answers the biggest need we have here in Pennsylvania.  Leadership that's willing to be accountable to do what's right.  We need her.”

Admiral Joe Sestak, Former Congressman
and candidate for United States Senate